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Tråd: Fokus: Pakistan

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    Fokus: Pakistan

    Chinese Helicopter Debuts at Pakistani Parade
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    Sv: Fokus: Pakistan

    Quetta attack: Pakistan reels as more than 50 die in assault on police academy | World news | The Guardian (via #newsdeskapp)
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    Sv: Fokus: Pakistan

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    Fra 2011 men illustrerer poenget om vekst. Hentet fra artikkelen fra 2012 litt lenger ned.

    Pakistan er en stormakt man ikke skal kimse av rent atomvåpenmessig. Stikkord: vekst og muskler. Vennskap med Russland og Kina er nok til at enkelte misliker alt og litt til.

    Eyes on the ball:

    Pakistan has 130-140 nuclear weapons, converts F16 to deliver nukes, claims US report

    Authored by Hans M Kristensen+ and Robert S Norris, the report says that analysis of a large number of commercial satellite images+ of Pakistan army's garrisons and air force bases shows what appear to be mobile launchers and underground facilities that might be related to nuclear forces.

    "Speculation that Pakistan may become the world's third-largest nuclear weapon state - with a stockpile of some 350 warheads a decade from now - are, we believe, exaggerated, not least because that would require a buildup two to three times faster than growth over the past two decades," it said.

    "We estimate that its stockpile could more realistically grow to 220-250 warheads by 2025, if the current trend continues. If that happens, it would make Pakistan the world's fifth-largest nuclear weapon state.

    #pakistan #atomvåpen

    Litt relatert lesestoff:

    Denne er fra 2012 men belyser det faktum at veksten er "grei" og at øvrige stormakter er smertelig klar over dette:

    Mitt Romney says Pakistan is on a path to overtake the U.K. in nuclear weapons

    So today, Pakistan’s warhead total is well behind that of the U.K. But Romney said "sometime in the relatively near future."

    China helps Pakistan build nuclear reactors yielding weapon-grade Plutonium: India

    Beijing’s constant assistance to Islamabad’s nuclear programs has been in contravention of its stand on India’s entry to NSG, the 48-member grouping that regulates nuclear trade. Beijing contends that New Delhi being non-signatory to Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) has been an impediment. However, China turned a blind eye to Pakistan’s track record in nuclear proliferation by supplying nuclear material to North Korea.

    China, Russia, Pakistan Superpower Triangle Becoming Reality

    As theories around the Russia, China and Pakistan superpower triangle continue to build up, Moscow has just expressed its interest in strengthening ties with Islamabad and Beijing. The agenda of next month’s talks will be establishing a wider regional partnership on Afghanistan.

    Og seff litt infographics. Fra 2014:

    Navn:		bi_graphics_nukeinfographic-3.jpg
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    The U.S., Russia, U.K. France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea possess approximately 17,000 nuclear weapons, according to the latest assessment from The Center For Arms Control And Non-Proliferation.

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    Sv: Fokus: Pakistan

    Bekymringsfulle signaler fra Pakistan:

    November 27 will be remembered as a "black day" in Pakistan – a day when religious hardliners forced the entire state to surrender over a blasphemy row. And the military sided with Islamists, writes DW's Shamil Shams.

    Jeg mener dette er svært bekymringsfullt, særlig med tanke på at Pakistan har endel atomvåpen, og er i en urolig del av verden...

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