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Fokus: Iran - Den islamske republikk


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  • Ja, Iransk kjører den versjonen og Israel er selvfølgelig synderen (noe jeg er helt enig med dem i. Det er kun Israel som er i stand til å gjennomføre en slik operasjon i Iran . Jeg er imponert over Kidon-teamets profesjonalitet).
    Iran Press: Israeli made remote-controlled machine gun used in Fakhrizadeh assassination

    Haaretz har også en kronologisk liste over andre aksjoner mot Irans atomprogram:
    Top Iranian nuclear scientist was killed by remote-controlled machine gun, report says - Iran -

    Artikkelen fra Haaretz dukket plutselig opp bak en betalingsmur. Så her artikkelen:

    The Iranian Fars News Agency published new details on the killing of senior Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, which has been attributed to Israel, claiming that he was assassinated by a remote-controlled machine gun that was detonated after the attack.

    According to the report, Fakhrizadeh was driving with his wife in a bullet-proof vehicle on Friday morning, accompanied by a convoy of armored cars.

    At some point, the convoy drove ahead of Fakhrizadeh in order to secure the location he was headed to. Gunfire was heard, leading Fakhrizadeh to pull over by the side of the road, as he thought the car had malfunctioned. Shots were than fired from a remote-controlled machine gun that was mounted on a Nissan car stationed some 150 meters away. One of the bullets hit Fakhrizadeh in the back, the report said, adding that the car had exploded several minutes later.

    >> Killing of Iran's top nuclear scientist doesn't change balance of powerIran will find nuclear scientist just as talentedTrump may leave scorched earth and Netanyahu's happy to lend a lighterAssassination is a clear message to Biden

    JANUARY 12, 2010

    Senior Iranian nuclear scientist Prof. Massoud Ali Mohammadi assassinated in northern Tehran
    SEPTEMBER 2010

    A computer virus known as 'Stuxnet' deployed against the centrifuges at Natanz uranium enrichment facility
    OCTOBER 29. 2010

    The most senior scientist in the Iranian nuclear program at the time, Prof. Majid Shahariari, and another nuclear scientist are killed in two separate assassinations in Tehran
    JULY 23, 2011

    A physics professor involved in the Iranian nuclear program is killed by gunmen on motorcycles in Tehran
    JANUARY 11, 2012

    A chemistry expert who also served as deputy director of the Natanz enrichment facility was killed in an explosion in Tehran
    JANUARY 31, 2018

    Israel broke into a warehouse where documents from the Iranian nuclear program were hidden on the outskirts of Tehran and stole tens of thousands of secret documents
    JUNE 26, 2020

    Explosions rock Parchin military base where Iran reportedly tested explosive triggers for nuclear weapons
    JUNE 30, 2020

    An explosion at Khojir, near Parchin, a base surrounded by underground tunnels believed by the West to have served as a large ammunitions depot. The base produces fuels to propel the Revolutionary Guards' ballistic missile apparatus.
    JULY 2, 2020

    Explosion - attributed to Israel - at Natanz damages a structure containing advanced centrifuges for uranium enrichment. It is estimated that Iran's nuclear program is set back by one to two years.
    JULY 19, 2020

    Blast reported at a power plant in Isfahan, in central Iran
    NOVEMBER 27, 2020

    Leader and key coordinator of Iran's nuclear arms program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, is assassinated near Tehran

    "The entire incident lasted three minutes, as no assassin was present at the scene, and because the shots were fired only by automated weapons," the report said. The owner of the vehicle which bore the weapon, the report said, was no longer residing in Iran.

    The New York Times published an account of the incident that diverges from the Fars report, although it cites Iranian media.

    According to the Times, the abandoned Nissan, parked at a roundabout, detonated and toppled a power line. A squad of 12 gunmen then emerged at the scene, some on motorcycles and other from cars parked nearby and opened fire, according to an account by Javad Mogouyi, a filmmaker who works for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. At least three shots hit Fakhrizadeh, Mogouyi said, adding that all 12 assassins escaped the scene unscathed.
    Iranian state media earlier on Sunday reported that Fakhrizadeh's funeral procession got underway. His coffin will be moved between several mosques across the country, and Fakhrizadeh is expected to be interred on Monday.

    According to Iran's state news agency IRNA, Fakhrizadeh’s body was transferred last night to the the shrine of Imam Reza in the northeastern city of Mashhad. His body will later be transferred to the city of Qom, south of Tehran, and from there to the Imam Khomeini shrine in the capital Tehran.
    There is nothing that can't be solved by the proper use of high explosives.


    • Her er en oversikt over alle versjonene av hendelsen så langt:

      On 27 November 2020, Fakhrizadeh was ambushed while traveling in a black Nissan Teana on a rural road in Absard, a city near Tehran. Accompanied by a convoy of three armored vehicles, he was driving with his wife in a bullet proof car. Many reports of the incident are conflicting and there are multiple competing narratives.

      Several accounts describe a Nissan truck, carrying explosives hidden beneath a load of wood, that detonated near Fakhrizadeh's car.According to The New York Times and the BBC, gunmen then emerged who fired upon Fakhrizadeh's car. Fakhrizadeh's bodyguards then clashed with the gunmen.In the gunfight, three bodyguards were killed by the attackers, while others were wounded. Iranian sources reported that three to four of the attackers were killed. Fakhrizadeh's family members were also killed or injured in the attack.There were also reports of a suicide attacker who later died from his injuries.

      Another report describes a team of 12 highly trained special forces. According to the report, they were accompanied by a support team of around 50 personnel who offered logistical support and cut power to the area. As the convoy approached, the Nissan truck detonated to stop the convoy. An assault squad consisting of two snipers and four gunmen in a Hyundai Santa Fe jeep then fired upon Fakhrizadeh's convoy. Four motorcycles were also reportedly used by the assailants. Fakhrizadeh was then dragged from his car and shot.This account is partly substantiated by an Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps documentary filmmaker.

      Later, another contradictory account emerged, when the Fars News Agency reported that no gunmen were present, and that only a remote-controlled machine gun mounted on a Nissan was used in the attack. In this account, Fakhrizadeh exited his vehicle after it struck something. The automatic gun then struck him several times. As he died, the Nissan truck detonated.
      Odd objects attract fire. You are odd.


      • The 2020 Karabakh War’s Impact on the Northwestern Border of Iran.

        Odd objects attract fire. You are odd.


        • Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) seized a South Korean-flagged tanker in Gulf waters and detained its crew, Iranian media said on Monday, amid tensions between Tehran and Seoul over Iranian funds frozen in South Korean banks due to U.S. sanctions.

          The South Korea's government says it has dispatched military forces into the strategic Strait of Hormuz after Iran's IRGC seized a South Korean-flagged tanker ship earlier today. Officials in Seoul are also demanding the immediate release of the vessel, which Iranian authorities say they detained over alleged maritime pollution.

          Odd objects attract fire. You are odd.


          • Den sørkoreanske destroyeren ROKS Choe Yeong er nå operativ i Hormuzstredet.

            Sør Korea uttaler at affæren med den kaprede tankeren deres må løses politisk.

            Odd objects attract fire. You are odd.


            • Opprinnelig skrevet av Znuddel Vis post
              Den sørkoreanske destroyeren ROKS Choe Yeong er nå operativ i Hormuzstredet.

              Sør Korea uttaler at affæren med den kaprede tankeren deres må løses politisk.

              Det virker jo som Sør-Korea kanskje burde hatt noen flere møter bak lukket dør med eget næringsliv. Med det avhengighetsforholdet de har til USA bør de være forsiktig med at eget næringsliv gjør en handel på et eller annet vis med Iran (som er bakgrunnen for arresten -selv om Iran påstår noe annet).
              "Gjør Ret, Frygt Intet"


              • Alle er avhengige av diplomatiske løsninger, og alle bruker dette når Iran finner på noe faenskap.

                Sør-Korea er avhengig av USA, men det går også andre veien. USA har få allierte i Stillehavet som har like sterk økonomi og forsvar som Sør-Korea.

                USA la ikke mye press på Sør-Korea når disse eksporterte våpen til Iran på 80-tallet.
                Død ved Kølle!
                Bla bla... Hybrid warfare is easy