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Erstatting av BV 206 og andre tilsvarende kjøretøyer.

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    Erstatting av BV 206 og andre tilsvarende kjøretøyer.

    Ser ut som om flere nasjoner ser på hva fremtiden bringer innenfor dette sjiktet.

    As multiple nations discuss the replacement of their all-terrain tracked vehicles (ATTV), Singaporean company ST Engineering spent early March 2019 showcasing its Bronco 3 ATTV to at least five potential customers in Ivalo, Finland, including the UK and Canada. This follows a meeting in Bonn, Germany in late February in which representatives from the UK, German, Finnish, Netherlands, Norwegian and Swedish MoDs discussed the feasibility of a joint procurement programme for such vehicles.
    Several possible platforms were mentioned according to Lars Gjemble, spokesperson for the Norwegian MoD, although he declined to go into further details about the meeting.
    Indeed, a number of the nations will be looking to replace their Bv-family of vehicles, for instance the Bv206S is currently in operation with France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden. Norway and Finland also currently operates ATVs in the Bv-family.
    ‘Sweden is interested in a multinational collaboration in order to purchase a new ATV together with other nations within the Bv-family in order to get the best economy of scale as well as interoperability with other European nations,’ confirmed Henrik Hedberg, Swedish MoD director of media relations.
    With such a large opportunity for vehicle replacement in the export market ST is keen to showcase its offering which has been developed off the back of previous variants of the Bronco and the Warthog variant which was operated under an urgent operational requirement with the British Army.
    During the demonstration of the Bronco 3 in Finland, ST Engineering had also hired a Bv206 to test drive in order to provide a comparison to the older variant of ATV.

    Speaking to Shephard, Dominic Phoon, VP and product director at ST Engineering, said the company was expecting a ‘couple of tenders’ for the vehicle soon but mentioned concerns over a multi-nation approach to procurement because of the wide variety of customer requirements.
    Indeed, ST Engineering appears to be ready to meet a multitude of customer requirements as the company discussed a wide range of variants of its Bronco 3 from ambulance variants to weaponised capabilities including the Bronco Dawn with a 120mm super rapid mortar system and 12.7mm MG RWS.
    Improvements to the Bronco 3, compared with previous variants include the integration of a v-shaped hull, a new 325HP Mercedes engine and has the amount of usable space within the vehicle. The Bronco 3 was first unveiled at Eurosatory 2016.
    The company has also sought to reduce the weight of the vehicle, keeping it at 16t, as Phoon noted a 20t vehicle can no longer be classed as ‘all-terrain’ because of the difficulties the vehicle would have in traversing some softer ground.
    The company will be sending its Bronco 3 to the UK before the end of March for further demonstrations. This is being organised by the company and not the MoD.
    One of the ST’s main competitors will be BAE System Hägglunds with its BvS10, which recently deliveries to new operators such as Austria.

    ‘BAE System Hägglunds is right now pursuing several BvS10 opportunities in parallel, aiming to be finalised in the near future,’ said Thorén Ola, spokesperson for BAE System Hägglunds, declining to comment further.
    The company, like ST Engineering, is likely to be eyeing users of the Bv206 and Bv206S vehicles as potential suiters for the BvS10. Like the Bronco 3, the BvS10 comes in a multitude of variants.
    However, as to whether a multinational approach will be possible keeping in mind different nations timelines is still to be determined.
    The UK already has relatively mature plans when it comes to its new ATTVs and has christened the potential ATV programme the Future All Terrain Vehicle (FATV) requirement as it seeks to replace the Warthog, which was a bespoke Afghanistan requirement, and some 350 Bv206s in Royal Marines service.
    Whereas nations like Norway are still at the early stages of replacement.
    Indeed, a UK MoD official confirming the Bonn meeting had taken place said that ‘it was still very early days’ warning that the meeting should be seen as ‘a meeting of minds’.
    Meanwhile, Norway’s inventory of Bv206 ATVs will undergo a service life extension programme, enabling the vehicles to be in operational service until at least 2030.
    ‘For the time being, Norway has no plans to procure such vehicles. However, the MoD is preparing a new long term plan that is to be presented as a White Paper to Parliament in 2020. One element, out of several others, that will be considered is the future operational needs for various types of all-terrain vehicles,’ Gjemble told Shephard.
    More urgently, older vehicles in the Swedish fleet need to be replaced in the 2020s, according to the MoD.

    Limte inn hele teksten da den fort havner bak betalingsmur.
    På alternativt språk også

    Selv om flere nasjoner er med i prosjektgruppen er det lite sannsynlig at alle kommer til å bli med videre, eller at de kommer til å velge samme leverandør.
    Død ved Kølle!
    Bla bla... Hybrid warfare is easy

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    Foreløpig ser Forsvaret ut til å ville beholde nåværende BV-206 frem til 2030, med levetidsforlenging:
    Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don't.


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      FInnes det en oversikt over norske innkjøp av BV-206, tidspunkt, antall og variant? Jeg fant noe om de første kjøpene. Først ble 200 stk. levert før 1985. I 1985 ble kontrakt inngått om 2000 stk. BV-206 for levering i perioden 1987-1993 (dette begynner jo å bli veteranalder). har det vært flere store innkjøp etter dette?

      Angående forgjengeren, BV202 fra Volvo BM: 1000 stk. BV-202N ble levert 1967-1969, og 1000 stk. BV-202NF1 ble levert 1976-1979.
      At sauene vedtar at alle skal leve av gress hjelper dem lite hvis ikke ulvene er enige.