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    Starter egen tråd om Polen. EU og NATO-medlem.

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    Polen, offisielt Republikken Polen er et land i Sentral-Europa, og grenser i vest mot Tyskland, i sør mot Tsjekkia og Slovakia, i øst mot Ukraina og Hviterussland, og i nord mot Østersjøen, Litauen og Russland.

    Polens historie er en fortelling om et land i stadige forandringer. På 1500-tallet var Polen Europas nest største land etter Moskva, mens på 1800-tallet fantes det ingen polsk stat untat det lille Hertugdømmet Warszawa og Fristaden Krakow. Polen slik man kjenner landet i dag oppsto i 1918 etter første verdenskrig, en dag som feires hvert år den 11. november. Etter store ødeleggelser under andre verdenskrig kom Polen etter krigen under sovjetisk okkupasjon, og det var ikke før mot slutten av 1980-tallet at selvstyret ble mer reelt. Etter kommunismens fall ble Polen et vestlig demokrati igjen og den 1. mai 2004 ble de medlem av EU.

    Polish Armed Forces
    Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland (Siły Zbrojne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, abbreviated SZ RP; popularly, Wojsko Polskie, abbreviated WP—roughly, the "Polish Military") are the national armed forces of Poland. The name has been used since the early nineteenth century, but can also be applied to earlier periods. The Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland are the Wojska Lądowe (Land Forces), Marynarka Wojenna (Navy), Siły Powietrzne (Air Force) and Wojska Specjalne (Special Forces) and are under the command of the Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej (Ministry of National Defense). From 2002 until 2014, Polish military forces were part of the Coalition Forces that participated in the ISAF mission in Afganistan led by NATO. Poland's contribution to ISAF was the country's largest, since its entrance into NATO. Polish forces also took part in the Iraq War. From 2003 to 2008, Polish military forces commanded the Multinational Division (MND-CS) located in the South-Central Zone of Iraq. This zone was populated by about 5 million Iraqis, and covered an area of over 65,632 km². The division was made up of troops from 23 nations and totaled as many as 8,500 soldiers.
    Kilde: Wikipedia.

    Equipment of the Polish Army
    The Polish military continues to use some Soviet-era equipment; however, since joining NATO in 1999, Poland has been upgrading and modernizing its hardware to NATO standards. The General Staff has been reorganized into a NATO-compatible J/G-1 through J/G-6 structure. Recent modernization projects include the acquisition of (48) F-16 fighter jets from the United States, (128) Leopard 2 MBTs from Germany, ATGM technology from Israel (as well as possible future acquisition of Rafael Python 5 missiles), and (690) Patria AMV AFVs from Finland.
    Kilde: Wikipedia.

    Hundreds of troops, dozens of aircraft and missile launchers in Poland's major military parade

    WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Dozens of fighter jets soared, tanks rumbled and hundreds of troops marched in a Polish military parade Saturday, a show of force on the national armed forces' holiday.

    Poland's new President Andrzej Duda, who is the armed forces' supreme commander, received the parade in downtown Warsaw, along with Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz and Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak.

    F-16 and MiG-29 fighters, C-130 Hercules transport planes and helicopters flew overhead, while Rosomak and Stryker armored vehicles and Langusta missile launchers rumbled through downtown Warsaw in front of thousands of spectators. U.S. and Canadian troops, taking part in NATO exercises in Poland, also participated.

    Les hele artikkelen her.
    Relaterte artikler:

    World digest: Aug. 15, 2015

    POLAND U.S. takes part in armed-forces parade
    Dozens of fighter jets soared, tanks rumbled and hundreds of troops marched in a Polish military parade Saturday, a show of force on the armed forces’ national holiday. U.S. and Canadian troops, taking part in NATO exercises in Poland, also participated. New Polish President Andrzej Duda, who is the armed forces’ supreme commander, received the parade in downtown Warsaw, along with Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz and Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak. Duda, who took office Aug. 6, said he wants to strengthen Poland’s armed forces and raise NATO’s presence in the country as a deterrent in the face of a resurgent Russia and an armed conflict in neighboring Ukraine.

    Polish President Duda remembers Battle of Warsaw

    The ceremony marks Army Day, a national holiday, which celebrates the 95th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw at which the newly formed Polish army under Piłsudski defeated the Red Army at the gates of Warsaw.

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    U.S. Oil Exports – For Our Security And The World’s

    in comments to USA Today; and Michele Flournoy, President Obama’s former undersecretary of defense for policy, in congressional testimony this week. Flournoy:

    “… we should not underestimate the degree to which becoming an oil exporter could impact perceptions of the United States as a vital global power, helping to discredit erroneous narratives of U.S. decline. … When more supply originates from producers who are not vulnerable to political instability, conflict or threats to their energy infrastructure, the overall market becomes more stable. … [A]llowing U.S. oil exports would enhance the energy security of key U.S. partners, from Poland to India to Japan. Indeed, our closest allies in Europe and Northeast Asia would welcome – and have asked for – the unrestricted export of U.S. crude oil. … Enabling U.S. oil exports would strengthen our geopolitical influence, leadership and leverage with allies and adversaries alike.”


    Les hele artikkelen her.

    Click image for larger version

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    Poland establishes a UAV-dedicated airbase

    Poland’s Ministry of Defense, in the light of the wide scope of UAV procurement programmes, decided to create a dedicated airbase for the unmanned systems. A base currently used by the Polish Air Force Su-22 jets.

    Polish UAV programs aim at procurement of the following systems:
    • Zefir – MALE UCAV, with high level of autonomy – 12 vehicles are going to be acquired within the scope of this program;
    • Gryf – Tactical MALE recce UAV – 12 examples to be acquired;
    • Orlik – tactical short range UAV – 12 packages with 3 to 5 platforms in each are going to be procured;
    • Wizjer – mini-UAV, similar to the WB Electronics FlyEye – 15 packages with 4-5 UAVs in each package are going to be purchased;
    • Ważka – VTOL mini UAV program – need of acquiring 15 UAVs of this type has been expressed;
    • Micro-UAV – the smallest VTOL UAV which is going to be used by the special forces’ assault teams in order to increase their situational awareness.
    Mirosławiec base is going to be equipped with the above-mentioned Gryf, Orlik and Zefir UAVs.

    Les hele artikkelen her.

    Relaterte artikler:

    Bee’ drones, developed for Polish military, offer both surveillance and sting

    The Polish military will soon have “Bee” drones’ accompanying its “Wolverine” (Rosomak) armored personnel carriers.
    A Polish firm says it has developed incredibly tiny drones that can fly on battlefields for 30 minutes. WB electronics adds that its “Bee” drones don’t just offer surveillance capabilities — they can attack small targets with explosive charges.

    Les mer om Polens drone-program her.

    Ukraine should resume power supplies to Poland in near future: PM

    Ukraine should resume power exports to Poland in the near future in order to help the country overcome power shortages, the prime minister said Thursday.

    Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk ordered the Energy and Coal Industry Ministry to take immediate steps to ensure maximum possible supplies of power to Poland, the government said in a statement.

    "We have to support our friends in Poland and do everything possible to help our partners to stabilize the situation in the country's energy sector as soon as possible," Yatseniuk said in a statement.

    Les hele artikkelen her.
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    Sv: Fokus: Polen -

    Stratfor (2012)
    Poland's Strategy

    By George Friedman
    Polish national strategy pivots around a single, existential issue: how to preserve its national identity and independence. Located on the oft-invaded North European Plain, Poland's existence is heavily susceptible to the moves of major Eurasian powers. Therefore, Polish history has been erratic, with Poland moving from independence — even regional dominance — to simply disappearing from the map, surviving only in language and memory before emerging once again.

    Poland has three strategies available to it. The first is to do everything it can to keep NATO and the European Union viable and Germany contained within them. Poland doesn't have the power to ensure this. The second is to create a relationship with Germany or Russia that guarantees its interests. Obviously, the ability to maintain those relationships is limited. The third strategy is to find an outside power prepared to guarantee its interests.

    Les hele analysen her.


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      Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

      Faktaside om Polen hos

      Oppdatert august 2014

      Polen er et land med en lang og spennende historie. Landet var på høyden av sin makt på 1200-tallet. Deretter har veien til selvstendighet og stabilitet vært humpete. I dag har Polen medlemskap i EU, og bidrar som unionens 6. største økonomi. Den høye arbeidsledigheten er en oppgave landet må løse.

      Polen er en demokratisk republikk. Presidenten velges gjennom frie valg for en periode på fem år. Det politiske livet i dagens Polen er låst mellom to partier: det liberale og EU vennlige Medborger plattformen (PO) og det mer nasjonalistisk orienterte partiet Lov og Rettferdighet (PiS). Det politiske systemet har de seneste årene vært preget av krangler i partiene, mellom partiene, og korrupsjon. Dette har gjort at mange polakker har liten tillit til politikerne i landet. Liten tro på at hver enkelt kan skape forandring gjør at mange lar være å stemme ved valg.

      På grunn av at Polen er så flatt, har Polen vært et strategisk sted å utkjempe kamper og slag. I tillegg til landets plassering mellom Russland og Vest-Europa. Polen var det første landet som ble angrepet av Hitler under 2. verdenskrig. En krig som skulle utvikle seg til en katastrofe for Polen. Seks millioner polakker, de fleste av dem jøder, ble drept og hovedstaden Warsawa ble lagt i ruiner. Flere av nazistenes konsentrasjonsleirer lå på polsk jord, okkupert av nazistene. Da 2. verdenskrig var over endret Polens grenser seg igjen. Store områder forble russisk territorium, men som erstatning tok Polen over områder fra det østlige Tyskland.

      Link til faktasiden.
      Om Globalis.


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        Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

        Poland: Military Superpower? | Acumen | OZY

        Oversiktsartikkel om Polsk opprustning fra Ozy. Polen hadde størst vekst i forsvarsbudsjettet av samtlige europeiske land utenom Ukraina i 2014.
        “Tell me what you know. Tell me what you don’t know. Tell me what you think. Always distinguish which is which.” - Colin Powell


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          Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

          Litt korreks til Globalis. Polen avgav ikke noe territorium til Russland (den Russiske Sovjetrepubliken/Føderasjonen), men til tre andre republikker.
          Minsk, det nye Utopia


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            Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

            Får litt sånn geografiprosjekt på videregående-vibber av Globalis.
            “Tell me what you know. Tell me what you don’t know. Tell me what you think. Always distinguish which is which.” - Colin Powell


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              Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

              Fra Stratfor:

              More of the Same Polish Foreign Policy

              Geopolitical Diary

              Poland's new president has wasted no time making his mark, and his anti-Russia rhetoric has led some to speculate that Poland's foreign policy is in for a radical change. On Aug. 23, Polish President Andrzej Duda visited Estonia in his first trip abroad as head of state. The visit was highly symbolic for two reasons. First, the selection of Estonia reflects Poland's traditional view of the Baltics as its natural sphere of influence. Second, during the trip Duda repeatedly vowed to push for a permanent NATO presence in Central and Eastern Europe, a move that would create friction with Russia and Germany. The Polish president plans to make his request again during his visit to Germany later this month and to the United States in September.

              So, while Poland's October elections may indeed put a new party in power, they will not change the fact that Warsaw's options are limited, no matter who is in charge.
              Les resten av artikkelen her.


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                Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

                Price agreed with Poland for repairs of MIG ? 29 jets is 40% lower than the price announced by Russia: Defence Minister

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                  Sv: Polen planlegger å bruke $ 40 milliarder på militært utstyr de neste åtte årene

                  Poland To Acquire Mobile Battlefield Recon Radars

                  Poland To Acquire Mobile Battlefield Recon Radars

                  WARSAW — Poland’s Ministry of Defense launched a tender to acquire 104 new battlefield reconnaissance radars, with bids to be submitted by Oct. 21.

                  The ministry’s Armament Inspectorate said in a statement it will select five bidders who will be invited to the next stage of the procedure. Deliveries are scheduled to be completed by 2023.

                  According to the initial technical requirements for the procurement, which were released last year, the radars are to enhance the mobile surveillance capability of the Polish military. They are to weigh no more than 25 kilograms each and be operable by a maximum of two troops.

                  The equipment should be able to detect troops within a 10-kilometer radius, helicopters and light military vehicles within a radius of 15 kilometer, and tanks within a 24-kilometer radius, according to the released document. The radars should be able to operate in the 10 GHz to18 GHz spectrum.

                  The estimated value of the planned procurement, which is to be carried out as part of Poland’s ongoing military modernization efforts, was not disclosed by the ministry. The country’s military upgrade and overhaul program for 2013 to 2022 is to total some 139 billion zloty (US $36.9 billion).

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                    Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	_85766794_thinkstockphotos-92821902-1.jpg
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                    BBC: Germany invaded western Poland on 1 September and the USSR entered the east of the country 16 days later
                    Poland to summon Russian envoy as diplomatic spat drags on

                    WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland said on Saturday it would summon Russia's envoy after he said Warsaw was partly to blame for the outbreak of World War Two, continuing a spat which has seen the Polish ambassador in Moscow summoned twice in just over a week.

                    In an interview aired by private broadcaster TVN24 on Friday evening, Russian ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreyev said Poland was partly responsible for Nazi Germany invading in 1939 because it had repeatedly blocked the formation of a coalition against Berlin in the run-up to the conflict.
                    Andreyev also said Polish-Russian relations were currently at their worst since 1945 because Poland had chosen to freeze political and cultural contacts.
                    Les hele artikkelen her.
                    Les også BBC sin artikkel om saken.


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                      Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

                      Click image for larger version

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                      Krab self-propelled howitzer on a new chassis. Image Credit: M. Dura/

                      PLN 35.9 Billion - Polish Defence Budget in 2016

                      Polish Council of Ministers adopted the 2016 budgetary bill, according to which an amount of PLN 35.9 billion is going to be allocated in the defence budget. The defence expenditure is defined as 2% of the GDP, in line with the act on the increased defence budget.

                      The capital expenses are defined by an amount of PLN 10.59 billion which constitutes 29.5% of the general outlays, related to the national defence - as it was announced by the spokesman of the Polish Ministry of Defence, col. Jacek Sońta. Within the framework of the capital expenses, amount of PLN 9.689 billion was allocated to realize the modernization. Out of that amount PLN 5.647 billion is going to be used to realize the priority tasks of the modernization, within the scope of the operational programmes.


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                        Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

                        Polske spesialstyrker, og da særlig GROM får mye positiv omtale i "øst og vest". Drago snakøvler litt om gruppen og hans samarbeide med de i dette klippet.

                        Her er en (av mange) videoer jeg snublet over på Youtube:


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                          Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

                          Polsk valgresultat kan gi EU trøbbel - NRK Verden - Utenriksnyheter og -dokumentarer

                          admin - Milforum


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                            Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	fa3e432a0e300162a4060d1cecd1fc84.jpeg
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ID:	865306
                            Image Credit: Ministerstvo Obrany České Republiky

                            “A Great political decoration...and nothing beyond that”. Czech Minister Criticizes The Polish Policy Within The V4 Group.

                            Poland is trying to start certain initiatives, and to spend certain money. Programmes are being planned. However, Poland does it independently, without looking for any partners. (…) As if the Polish authorities thought that initiative is enough to make things happen. The world does not work that way – as Daniel Kostoval, Head of the Armaments and Acquisition Division Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, stated in his interview for The interview covers the issue of an initiative, the aim of which is to design a joint infantry fighting vehicle for the V4 group, or the modernization plans pursued by the Czech Army, including the air-defence initiatives.

                            “A Great political decoration...and nothing beyond that”. Czech Minister Criticizes The Polish Policy Within The V4 Group. | DEFENCE24


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                              Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

                              New Polish Leadership Could Shift Military Policy

                              WARSAW — Recent elections have installed politicians of the anti-Kremlin Law and Justice (PiS) Party as Poland's president and prime minister, and local observers say the new Cabinet is likely to increase the country's defense spending.

                              The latest announcement by the new minister indicates that, under Law and Justice’s rule, the Defense Ministry could award an increased share of military procurements to manufacturers that produce their gear in Poland.


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                                Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	b8c02d1698487a37fd9ad081e69617bb.jpeg
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                                Robert Siemaszko/ DKS MON
                                Poland Will Become The NATO “Spearhead” Leading Nation In 2020. V4 Battle Group Ready To Operate

                                Tomasz Szatkowski, MoD’s Secretary of State, announced that Poland is going to become the leading nation for the Land Forces of the NATO “Spearhead” element of the quick reaction forces in 2020. A meeting of the Visegrad Group Defence Ministers took place in Prague. The talks covered the issues of the EU Battle Group, preparation of the NATO Summit in Warsaw, and the migrant crisis in Europe.


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                                  Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

                                  Visegrad Group Defence Ministers
                                  er altså som er Tsjekkia, Ungarn, Polen og Slovakia. Dette synes jeg er en underkommunisert entitet her i Norge. Disse landene ble EU-medlemmer samtidig - og er som det fremkommer i Wikipedia artikkelen et samarbeid som har eksistert en stund.

                                  Er dette bare sammenlignbart med nordisk råd (prateklubb og litteraturpriser), eller er det noe mer? Etter min vurdering noe mer siden de har gjort militære øvelser sammen og bygget en battlegroup - men om den kom av papiret vet jeg ikke. Det er interessant at vi har en slik blokk mot øst med klare intensjoner om ytterligere samarbeid enn EU byr på.
                                  "Gjør Ret, Frygt Intet"


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                                    Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

                                    Radoslaw Markowski, professor i statsvitenskap ved et universitet i Warszawa, er redd Polen skal gå samme vei som Ungarn. Den ungarske statsministeren Viktor Orbán vil bygge en "illiberal stat" og har brukt årene siden han kom til makten til å kneble mediene og rettsvesenet og å fylle byråkratiet med sine egne folk. Nye valglover er også blitt innført for å gjøre regjeringen vanskeligere å kaste.- Europa gjorde nesten ingenting for å stanse angrepene på demokratiet i Ungarn. Vi trenger en mye sterkere reaksjon denne gangen, om vi skal unngå at Polen går samme vei, sier Markowski.
                                    Kort tid etter at den nye polske regjeringen formelt var på plass 16. november, satte de i gang med den storstilte «reparasjonen» av nasjonen som de mener er nødvendig:
                                    • Noe av det første Pis gjorde var å bytte ut flere dommere i grunnlovsdomstolen, som hadde blitt satt inn mot slutten av det forrige parlamentets periode, med sine egne kandidater.
                                    • I romjulen vedtok partiet en lovendring som opposisjonen og andre kritikere mener vil redusere muligheten til å kontrollere regjeringen.
                                    • Dagen før nyttårsaften kom nyheten om at regjeringen tar kontroll over statlige medier og bytter ut redaktører og ledere med sine egne folk. Ifølge parlamentsmedlem Elżbieta Kruk har mediene «sviktet i sine forpliktelser overfor Polen».
                                    • En nær venn av Pis’ partileder ble satt inn som koordinator for etterretningstjenesten bare dager etter at de kom til makten. Først måtte mannen imidlertid benådes av den nye presidenten fordi han tidligere var blitt domfelt for maktmisbruk.
                                    "Gjør Ret, Frygt Intet"


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                                      Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?


                                      Fikk vite om denne hendelsen ad omveger for litt siden og det er tildels skremmende hvordan regjeringen innordner seg mot viktige samfunsstillinger. Forbløffende lite om Polen i Norsk media for tiden men hørte at utviklingen ble tatt opp i siste Urix.

                                      Vi trenger absolutt ikke et autoritært Polen ala Hviterussland.
                                      Artillery is the God of War


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                                        Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

                                        Det jeg er mest bekymret for er at hvis dette fortsetter så kan det være at Polen vil en dag ta utgangspunkt i være medlem av NATO eller om landet er bedre på egenhånd. Europa trenger ikke et isolert Polen slik den nye regjeringen legger opp til på sikt.


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                                          Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

                                          Også sterkt økende fremmedhat i Polen, særs vs muslimer. Frykt for terror en ting. Pensjonister opplever at innvandrere har det samme i måneden som de uten å gjøre en shait (rundt 2000kr-ish). Omtalt i en rekke aviser siste tiden, som her:

                                          “We don’t want terrorists here,” the Polish pensioner says, when asked about EU plans to resettle refugees more broadly across the continent. “Have you seen what they’re doing in the west?”
                                          Dette skaper økende murring blant folk flest og bekreftes av polakker jeg snakker med i nyere tid, som omtaler det hele med en litt "holde-pusten-mine"; åpenbart ikke greit....og det hjelper jo ikke på saken for utlendingene/flyktningene (muslimer) at myndighetene har det samme synet:

                                          Anti-migrant parties already are in power in Hungary and Poland.
                                          Et annen dekkende statement:

                                          Added to this, Poles are not mentally ready to live with Muslims, Kamil suggests. "We have a problem accepting people from other cultures. Skin color, religion or even Poles who dress differently. We are not open to people who are different."
                                          Trøblete tid i sikte for polakkene.


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                                            Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

                                            A local report says Poland may acquire 24 Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopters under its ongoing tender to purchase new combat helos for the Polish Air Force.



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                                              Sv: Fokus: Polen - en fremtidens stormakt i EU?

                                              PIT-RADWAR Creates the “Lower Level” of the Polish Air-Defence System. Integration of the Missiles and Artillery

                                              Polish PIT-RADWAR company developed a SHORAD system, featuring 35 mm cannons, Poprad SAMs, fire control system packages and the Bystra radar. The said suite has been presented during the MSPO 2016 defence exhibition. Besides that, during the Kielce event, BMS system dedicated for the Rosomak APC platform has also been showcased.






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                                                NATO skal bruke milliard-beløp på «Fort Trump»

                                                I februar varslet USA en ytterligere økning av sitt militære nærvær i Polen, samtidig som Polen har vært i dialog med USA om et «Fort Trump».

                                                Nå øremerker forsvarsalliansen NATO over 2,3 milliarder norske kroner til forhåndslagring av amerikansk militært materiell i Powidz, vest for Warszawa i Polen, sier NATOs generalsekretær Jens Stoltenberg ifølge Stars and Stripes.

                                                Utstyr til en brigade
                                                – Investeringene i infrastrukturprosjektet er en del av en større innsats. Ved å forhåndslagre utstyr øker vi beredskapen til våre styrker, sa Stoltenberg under en pressekonferanse i Brussel før han reiste til Washington for å markere NATOs 70-årsjubileum.

                                                Forhåndslageret som den polske presidenten har foreslått kan hete «Fort Trump», skal romme pansret kjøretøy, ammunisjon og våpen til en brigade. Det er allerede rundt 4000 amerikanske soldater i Polen, i tillegg til nærmere 900 soldater i NATOs fremskutte nærvær i landet.

                                                NATOs kampgrupper ble stasjonert ut i Baltikum og Polen i august 2016, og i april 2017 sendte NATO en brigade til det strategiske Suwalki-området.
                                                Ubique quo fas et gloria ducunt


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                                                  Andrzej Duda sitter med 51,21 prosent av stemmene i det polske president valget etter at 99,97 prosent av stemmene er telt opp, opplyser landets valgkommisjon. Valgdeltakelsen var på rekordhøye 67,9 prosent.

                                                  Dermed går det mot fem nye år ved makten for den sittende presidenten, som har bakgrunn fra regjeringspartiet Lov og rettferdighet (PiS).

                                                  Odd objects attract fire. You are odd.