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  • Fokus: India

    Airborne Early Warning and Control system: India’s pride, the world’s envy!

    Somewhere in the western sector, an aircraft which could pass off for a business jet except for its extended nose cone and a turret-shaped contraption above the cockpit has been flying scores of sorties before joining the Indian Air Force (IAF)’s fleet, but it has already caught the fancy of several countries—South Africa, Brazil and Indonesia—among others.

    Naval Open Source INTelligence: Airborne Early Warning and Control system: India’s pride, the world’s envy!
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    Sv: Fokus: India

    Interessante artikler om moderniseringen av Indias marine:

    Del 1:
    Dragon vs elephant (Part-1): Indian Navy’s massive modernization drive | Defencyclopedia

    Del 2:
    Dragon vs elephant (Part-2): Indian Navy’s role in the Indian Ocean | Defencyclopedia
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      Sv: Fokus: India

      Nyttig å følge med på regionale stater med potensiale og mulig ambisjoner om å bli en global stormakt som India som sies å være nummer to rising superpower i Asia. India har fri tilgang til to verdenshav mens Kina mangler det og dette er begrensende faktor for Kinas mulighet i å bli en global supermakt, noe enkelte spådommer vil ha det til at India kan overgå Kina i å bli nettopp det - å bli en supermakt. Enkelte spåmenn tror at Kina kan komme til å gå i konflikt med India i 2025.

      I 2012 publiserte Reuters en artikkel som stilte det ledende spørsmålet "Analysis: India's military build up may be too little too late?" hvor det avsluttes med kommunikasjonen som kanskje ikke er av den beste de to landene Kina og India imellom: "There needs to be much more communication, especially navy to navy, because they are bumping into each other more and more."

      Kilde: The grand design of China's new trade routes:
      Recognizing that it can only shift a small amount to inland trade routes, China will continue investing in port infrastructure along other corridors in the Belt and Road Initiative, particularly in the Indian Ocean region.
      Del 1 i linken din Znuddel åpner med "The Indian Ocean is fast turning into one of the busiest oceans in the world." Et hav hvor altså India og Kina krasjer, og opererer med mangel på/dårlig/ingen kommunikasjon (risk for loose cannons):
      To protect their growing economies, China and India have securitised their sea-borne trade routes by enhancing their naval prowess, which act enhances their seapower. This enhancement, however, causes each other concern by making each suspicious of the other’s intention. Thus, they further strengthen their navies, leading to a cycle of enhanced naval power and growing suspicion.
      Kanskje ikke så rart USA ønsker knytte sterkere bånd til India (ref US National Military Strategy samt denne artikkelen In new strategy, US to deepen security ties with India) og særlig ref det "gode" forholdet som råder mellom USA og Indias nabo i nord, Kina som nylig kom med en klar uttalelse til India forleden, Indian Ocean not your backyard: China military tells India:
      “The word backyard is not very appropriate to use for an open sea and international areas of sea,”
      The Indian Ocean region was very important to China as well as other countries as it was an important channel for international trade and that is why Beijing sought relevant navigational rights through it, Zhao said.

      Kilde: China: The Indian Ocean can’t be India’s backyard

      I nevnte US National Military Strategy blir bl.a. følgende skrevet, og som har blitt notert av enkelte som "skummelt"
      Beijing is pursuing “aggressive land reclamation efforts” in the South China Sea where it is building military bases in on disputed islands. In the same region, on North Korea, “In time, they will threaten the U.S. homeland.
      Kilde: the Fiscal Times

      Kina er åpenbart ikke happy med samarbeide mellom India, Japan og USA. Fra link 2 i ditt innlegg, Znuddel:
      It comes as little surprise, then, that some Chinese observers see these actions as a subtle Indian attempt to encircle China by itself and together with the United States and Japan.

      © Photo: RIA Novosti/Евгений Епанчинцев

      Forøvrig interessant artikkel fra Sputnik News i fjor, India to become real military super power, som beskriver Indias langdistanse luft-til-luft raketter BVR-Astra, som muliggjør at India kan forsvare seg fra innkomne cruiseraketter fra mulige fiender som Pakistan og Kina.






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        Sv: Fokus: India

        China's HQ-9 air defense missile launchers at a military exhibition. (Internet photo)

        PLA sends HQ-9 air defense missiles close to Kashmir border

        In preparation for a potential territorial conflict with India, China has deployed HQ-9 air defense missiles to Hetian airfield in the south of the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region in the country's northwest, according to the Communist Party publication Global Times on July 3. Hetian is only 260 kilometers from India-administered Kashmir.

        Les hele artikkelen her.


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          Sv: Fokus: India

          Via GIHV på Twitter:

          Clashes erupt between India and Pakistan along disputed border

          ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Clashes erupted between Indian and Pakistani security forces Friday, killing at least 11 civilians and wounding scores more on both sides of the contested border, according to officials in both countries.

          The exchange of fire came as Indian and Pakistani leaders continued to bicker over the prospect of face-to-face talks.

          Les hele artikkelen her.


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            Sv: Fokus: India

            India Commissions Second Submarine-Killer Stealth Warship

            The second out of four next-generation corvettes was commissioned on January 7

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              Sv: Fokus: India

              The Indian military is mobilising nearly 100 tanks near its border with China as part of latest measures to beef up its presence in the region.

              The deployment of the T-72 tanks in the remote mountainous region is directly aimed at challenging what it sees as Beijing's aggressive stance in the border area. The tanks have been deployed after the Indian forces made some significant improvement in their operations.

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                Sv: Fokus: India

                Indian Navy got defective MiG-29s from Russia.


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                  Sv: Fokus: India

                  India said on Monday its first domestically built nuclear-powered submarine had recently completed a "deterrence patrol," giving it the capability to fire nuclear weapons from land, air, and sea in the event of any "misadventure" by enemies.

                  With nuclear-armed China to its north and nuclear-armed Pakistan to its west - both of which India has fought wars with - India's nationalist prime minister, Narendra Modi, said the INS Arihant was a "fitting response to those who indulge in nuclear blackmail."

                  He did not elaborate.


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                    Sv: Fokus: India

                    Brann ombord hangarskipet INS Vikramaditya i det hun var på vei til kai. En offiser som ledet innsatsen mot brannen omkom grunnet røykinnhalering. Brannen er brakt "under kontroll" av besetningen.



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                      Sv: Fokus: India

                      Småkjedelig TS:

                      Glemme å lukke en ytre luke på landets nye atomubåt...


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                        Sv: Fokus: India


                        Et dekret om opphevelsen av paragrafen er blitt undertegnet, sa innenriksminister Amit Shah i den indiske nasjonalforsamlingen mandag.

                        Ifølge Shah vil beslutningen tre i kraft umiddelbart. Endringen opphever spesielle rettigheter for innbyggerne i delstaten Jammu og Kashmir.

                        Kashmir, hvor befolkningen hovedsakelig er muslimsk, er delt mellom India og Pakistan. Begge landene gjør krav på hele området, og de har tidligere utkjempet to kriger om Kashmir.


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                          Sv: Fokus: India

                          I utgangspunktet skulle vel Kashmir vere ein sjølvstendig stat.


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                            The 24 Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawk maritime helicopters ordered by India will be built to the latest Saudi Arabian configuration, with some additional national-specific modifications.


                            Disse helikoptrene er tiltenkt å kunne bære Naval Strike Missile.

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                              En indisk AH-64E måtte nødlande fredag etter en "teknisk feil".

                              Det spekuleres i at motor dekken som ikke ble fjernet kan være årsaken.

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                              En ny type coronavirus som nå sprer seg i Kina.

                              Det ble først oppdaget i midten av desember i millionbyen Wuhan i sentral-Kina. Viruset tilhører coronavirus-familien, men dette er en helt ny variant som ikke er oppdaget tidligere. Det finnes forskjellige typer coronavirus innenfor denne familien, men denne genetiske koden ligner mest på SARS av de vi kjenner til.
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                              – Både store og små virksomheter i offentlig og privat sektor er utsatt. Den grunnleggende sikkerheten er ikke på plass, sier direktør Kjetil Nilsen i Nasjonal sikkerhetsmyndighet...

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