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  • Peshmerganor - Siste post fra kampene ved Teleskuf

    Siste post fra kampene ved Teleskuf.

    Two Islamic State fighters about to make the grass grow. Let's finish the story now. We were sent back to our village for some rest after fighting in Teleskuf all day. I got a few of hours of sleep before I was woken up again and rushed out to the front. A small group of Islamic State fighters, probably survivors from the Teleskuf attack, had been observed in the tall grass on our side, trying to cross the frontline and get back to their own territory. They were now boxed in between two fortified posts on the frontline and two Humvees from another Peshmerga unit who had driven up from behind. We couldn't see them in the tall grass, but we were receiving fire and no one seemed to know how to approach the situation, until our general took control. He ordered one of the vehicles to drive forward slowly while he, myself and two officers from the other unit followed behind, using the Humvee as a shield. We started taking fire as we drove closer, but we still couldn't see the enemy. The gunner on the Humvee had somewhat better overview and we started to open fire wherever he was firing at. However, we got close enough to see them and engage them directly soon. The distance was so close that we were throwing handgrenades at eachother and several of theirs hit our vehicle, bouncing of the armour and blowing up around us. I remember one grenade went of right in front of the Humvee while I was standing three meters away, shielded by the hood. It soon became clear there was a lot more enemy fighters than what we first thought. Those of them who ran out of ammunition, started to blow themselves up and we had pieces of them raining over us. A few made a run for it, but we cut them down before they were able to cross the berm. The Strike Eagle sight from @vortexoptics once again proved it's worth. After taking out what we thought was all of them, other guys rushed to and we formed a line and started to walk forward and making sure they were all dead. One Peshmerga got on top of the berm and shouted someone was alive on the other side and fired his rifle...

    Giving medical care to a wounded Islamic State fighter while general Wahed Kovle is having him talk to the Islamic State commander who sent him. Back to the story. Me and two others made a run for the berm over what we thought was solid ground... but we soon found ourselves chest-deep in mud. I remeber crawling in the mud over pieces of human flesh and intestines, trying to keep my rifle dry. By the time I got up, our guys had allready started looting the corpses for weapons, ammunition, watches and other valuables. It was hard to tell how many we had killed since several of them had blown themselves up, but I was later told the number was over 20. Our general had an Islamic State commander on the radio and they were exchanging insults. Someone yelled that one of the jihadists were alive and the general ordered us to take care of him. I started to work on him while the general told the commander on the radio we had taken one of his guys alive and that we would give him decent treatment. The commander said that we could kill him for all he care, which says a lot about these people. The wounded fighter, a 19 year old kid from Mosul, was shot several times in his right thigh and hip... and for all I know, it might have been my bullets who struck him. I treated him the best I could with what I got before we placed him in the back of a pickup truck and drove him to the field hospital while trying to keep people from beating him up. The field hospital had been shelled during the fighting and the one doctor and medic that was still left, treated him outside, with me assisting. There wasn't much rest to get since we were scrambled daily in the following week, to either search the front or the town for further enemy fighters. Needless to say, we were all pretty exhausted at the end, doing all of his with bearly any food or sleep, but it was an important experience for me personally. Unfortunatly, I didn't get any of the fighting on tape, but I filmed the aftermath with my phone and will upload it on my LiveLeak channel next week, so stay tuned.

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