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Bluffer’s Guide: Fortress Iran 2, Small Arms & Zolfiqar Tank
Iran produces a very wide range of army equipment. To really scirt arount the edge, here are a couple of the more interesting projects.

Firstly Iran produces an unlicensed copy of the Styr HS50 50cal sniper rifle. 500 rifles were initially delivered from the Austrian manufacturer.

The main assault rifle of the Iranian military is the German G3 type which again is locally produced. The ubiquitous AK-47 is also deployed in large numbers. More recently Iran imported an M-16 clone from China and started manufacturing it. Iran then developed a truly indigenous rifle called KH2002 which shares some features of the M-16 as well as many other modern bullpup types:

Iranian Abrams
The Zolfaqar main battle tanks started life as a hybrid of the US supplied M-60 MBT and the Russian 125mm smoothbore gun of the T-72. The resulting Zolfaqar-I tanks appears to have a relatively small box-like turret, presumably employing an auto-loader as per the T-72 (which is the main Iranian MBT).

Although the Zolfaqar-I appears to have entered service, a more modern development was the Zolfaqar-II which featured new engine compartment, an extended chassis (7 road wheels from 6) and longer turret with sloping front and a bustle at the rear. This may indicate removal of the auto-loader or possibly a new auto-loader. The type appears to only been an interim type:

The Zplfaqar-II was superseded by the –III type which although clearly based on the Zolfaqar line now closely resembles the US Abrams MBT. Although the type is certainly credible, it is likely less sophisticated than the latest tankls now entering service elsewhere.

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Til og med iranerne har skjønt hvilket beltesystem som gjelder...

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Zolfaqar 3 the queen of the lowbed