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    May 2004

    Romfart: Destinasjon Mars - vi følger ulike nyhetssaker relatert til den lange reise

    The Telegraph:
    Nasa Mars isolation experiment starting in Hawaii

    Six people going into small isolation dome for a year to help Nasa prepare for Mars mission

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    NASA handout photo shows the exterior of the HI-SEAS habitat on the northern slope of Mauna Loa in Hawaii
    Photo: Getty Images

    Six people are about to shut themselves inside a dome in Hawaii for a year, in the longest US isolation experiment yet aimed at helping NASA prepare for a pioneering journey to Mars.

    The crew includes a French astrobiologist, a German physicist and four Americans - a pilot, an architect, a doctor/journalist and a soil scientist.

    They are based on a barren, northern slope of Mauna Loa, living inside a dome that is 36 feet in diameter and 20 feet tall.

    In a place with no animals and little vegetation around, they will close themselves in at 3:00 pm Hawaii time on Friday (0100 GMT Saturday), marking the official start to the 12-month mission.

    The men and women have their own small rooms, with space for a sleeping cot and desk, and will spend their days eating foods like powdered cheese and canned tuna, only going outside if dressed in a spacesuit, and having limited access to the Internet.

    So what kind of person wants to spend a year of their life this way?

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  2. Peshmerganor - Min kamp mot Kalifatet.

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    May 2004

    Romfart: Destinasjon Mars - vi følger ulike nyhetssaker relatert til den lang...

    Latest NASA report on journey to Mars - Business Insider

    NASA: 'We are closer to sending humans to Mars than at any point in NASA’s history'
    Jessica Orwig
    Oktober 09, 201518:33 779 3
    NASA just released its latest report on the next steps that the agency plans to take on its journey to land the first humans on Mars.

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